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JMonkey CSG - Constructive Solid Geometry

No even more primitives other than those offered by the core jMonkey services are needed. When working with mixing shapes of various textures, I required finer grained control of how the primitive shapes run. CSGMesh CSGMesh specifies a typical style technique to the CSG shape primitives, in addition to supplying typical services to all the concrete shapes. The primitive is basically constructed at the (0,0,0) origin, with some type of degree in x, y and z. The shape will have faces whose texture scaling can be separately managed and customized Materials used. In specific, CSGMesh permits you to:

  • - Produce TangentBinormal lighting details for the Mesh after it is produced
  • - Apply various Materials to various faces
  • - Apply various texture scaling to various faces
  • - Generate various levels of information based upon LOD Factors
  • - Common upgrade Geometry() entry point that reconstructs the shape utilizing all present settings

The java entry points for services above are:

Set Face Properties (List<CSG Face Properties> p Property List). Conserve the list of face homes p Property List and use them to the suitable faces when upgrade Geometry () is set off. Each CSG Face Properties circumstances picks a face (or deals with) through a bitmask, and has an optional texture scaling (Vector2f) worth and/or customized Material to use to that face. Set LOD Factors (float [] plod Factors).

Conserve the set of portion load aspects that produce several Vertex Buffers when upgrade Geometry () is set off. Each particular shape translates the portion in its own method, choosing how finest to decrease its count of indices by the wanted quantity. Set GenerateTangent Binormal (Booleanp Flag). Conserve the flag that, when real, triggers Tangent Binormal Generator.generate (this Mesh) to be called when upgrade Geometry () is set off.

Update Geometry

No genuine Mesh is readily available for this shape up until upgrade Geometry is called. Read processing for every CSG shape is to conjure up upgrade Geometry () on itself. Things jMonkey does much better than Unity:. Cost Model-- No royalties, no cost.

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