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Can the Interface be Final

Can the Interface be Final

Can the Interface be Final

If we have to use final block in our code without using the catch block it will cause error in the code program terminates. Final block is used with one of the try block or catch block.

In this case we have to implement the try block to avoid the termination of the code program. Catch is optional if we can ignore this implementation we have to use try block with it.

Try block execute first and run the required output if it faces any error then we have to implement the code program in finally block without using catch as keyword. The finally block is execute every time if you face the runtime errors.

If the instruction which are coded in try block will execute the final block can ignored by the compiler due to the output is generated and hence whatever it generate but the application didn’t crash. In last final keyword is block of code which must be execute.

Interface which are final, they didn’t be overridden and they must have to override because it the overview of some functions and variables which are override. If we can final the interface then we cannot implement it in the next line of code or program.

Therefor we used final in interface the compiler can generate error at the compile time not the execution time. Also, the interface cannot implement the interface other than it.

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